Dudu previously wrote several articles, including some sections on Positive Thinking. So, we discussed a little bit about how important positive thinking is to live in the desired life. With this article, Dudu planned to start the series that focuses on Positive Thinking. If you didn’t read previous articles, then don’t forget to check those out too. You can find them here.

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We hear a lot about maintaining a healthy diet, exercising frequently, and avoiding lifestyle selections like smoking. Whereas that is actually a good recommendation, we do not hear a lot about our patterns of thinking and perspective towards life. Nonetheless, it is an indisputable fact that our psychological outlook can have a dramatic impact on our general well being and longevity. Have you ever noticed that people who understand the proverbial glass as being half full appear to get pleasure from life more than their neighbor who sees it persistently half empty?

Don’t be a negative thinking person like Eeyore

Don't be like Eeyore
Don’t be a negative thinking person like Eeyore

The ability of optimistic thinking can’t be underrated. Remember Eeyore, the famously depressed and negative-thinking character in the Winnie the Pooh tales? Poor Eeyore, all the time, noticed the worst case of any scenario. When confronted with the possibility of a destructive outcome, Eeyore would instantly embrace that negative outcome as the only possible result.

If you Instead embrace positive thinking and a good outcome, you will be excited to search out how usually that turns into the case. It has been argued in medical circles that as much as 90% of illness has psychological origins. Well-known medical research within the 1940s discovered that people who were depressed were much more likely to be diagnosed with cancer in some unspecified time in the future. That is food for thought for all of us.

People who actively apply optimistic pondering are far less prone to turn out to be in poor health and are typically happier than those that make it their behavior to search out and domesticate the bad news in any scenario.

Positive thinking habits assume the perfect, not the worst. For example, you are interviewing for a new job. Do not be like Eeyore. Your negative perspective will present. The possible employer will see your lack of confidence and your no-can-do posture as a pessimistic communication. How will such a person fare when confronted with a challenging deadline or primary determination? Eeyore will not get the job.

Finally, Dudu would like to bring back something Which has already been written in a previous article. It’s about how Dudu used to think positively in his own life.

The Broken Fan (a story)

The Broken Fan
how Dudu used to think positively in his own life

There was a stand fan in Dudu’s bedroom. In an early morning, Dudu woke up and tried to go to the kitchen in a hurry, which caused the working stand fan to fall down. But, Dudu was feeling hungry. So he didn’t waste any time for checking out what happened. When Dudu did so after having some snacks, he was disappointed to find the broken fan, which was no longer working. But, Dudu had a flash idea about giving a try to mend it by himself! That is exactly what he did, and he was able to repair it even before his family woke up!

Almost everything has a positive side. It might be hidden. But, try to find that. See how Dudu built up a reason to be happy, from a reason to be sad. Thanks to that accidental incident, Dudu can now repair a fan even!

Tip: You will have plenty of obstacles in life. But don’t let those to be stop signs. Be strong enough and courageous to face problems. Remember that failure is also a part of success. Don’t let failure drag you down. Be unstoppable.

Variation: Don’t try to see a positive side in an instance like the death of a pet. Take time to express your sorrow. Let time heal your wounds.

Forming the behavior of pondering positively is likely one of the most significant actions you may take to enhance your general well being. Your thoughts are an influential ingredient in the recipe for good well being!

We’ll talk more about positive thinking from the next chapter. See you later then!